We make Hosting affordable

Walkerservers has sprung out from HNielsen Network, a server/consultancy provider on the Danish market since 2016, the expertise and infrastructure are now available for clients outside of Denmark – We are a small but dedicated team, we strive to always provide the best possible experience for our current and potential clients by replying to all inquiries within 24hours.

Should you have any questions for us, then do please reach out by submitting a ticket or sending us an email via our contact form.

Our Focus

Providing the best possible value for our clients without compromising quality, support and general customer care - This is also why we do our utmost to reply all questions/issues within 24hours.

Our Infrastructure

We only select the very best hosting providers to make sure that your services are always performing as promised. We use providers in the Netherlands and Germany as this presents a great mix between performance and price.
Fully owned VPS infrastructure built upon the highest quality hardware from Dell and HP.

Our People

Being nerds, we love technology, we love servers and we love living up to a high standard in everything we do, rest assured that we will do everything we can to help you in case of any issues.