4-24h setup time.
Weekends excluded.

Quality hardware,
Unlimited bandwidth.

No setup fees!

Full list of dedicated plans

Servers with fixed configurations. Missing something? Email us!

CPU RAM Disks Uplink Bandwidth Price p/m
Intel i7-2600 16GB 2x3TB SATA 1Gbit (Guaranteed) Unlimited €35.00 Order Now
Intel i7-2600 16GB 2x4TB HDD 1Gbit (Guaranteed) Unlimited €39.00 Order Now
Intel E3-1275v5 64GB 2x480GB SSD 1Gbit (Guaranteed) Unlimited €49.00 Order Now
Intel E3-1275v5 64GB 2x4TB HDD 1Gbit (Guaranteed) Unlimited €49.00 Order Now
Intel E3-1275v5 64GB 4x16TB HDD 1Gbit (Guaranteed) Unlimited €89.00 Order Now
Custom config? ?GB ?TB HDD 1Gbit (Guaranteed) Unlimited ? Contact us!

Dedicated hosting benefits.

Maximum Performance

Dedicated resources for your hosting ensures that you know what you are getting by not sharing the resources with anyone else, this guarantees you the best performance and stability.

100% great support

A small but dedicated team of individuals ensures that all tickets are replied within 24hours, we take pride in offering the best possible support for our clients.

Performance optimized networks

We only use the best network out there to ensure that you are always able to obtain the guaranteed link speed.

Most asked Questions

We support the following operating systems:

  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Debian 10
  • Debian 9
  • CentOS
  • Windows 2016 Standard*
  • Pre-installed media server**

*Additional fees for Windows applies.
**Swizzin media suite installed on Debian 10

Our servers in Germany are hosted with Hetzner, one of the very best providers in Germany which ensures that you have a solid, stable network at the lowest possible cost.

Upstreams being used (Highlights)

  • Telia
  • Core-Backbone
  • GTT
  • NTT
  • + Hundreds of private peering routes.

The right server for your needs naturally depend on your requirements, do you want the absolute best performance? Then you should go for a dedicated server, possibly even a dedicated server with SSD/NVMe drives to ensure high performance IO on the server.

If you are requirements are lower and just want a stable, resource guaranteed hosting experience then our VPS products might be for you.

Should you still be in doubt, then please reach out to our team at; sales@walkerservers.com

One of our main specialties are customized hosting requirements, whether you need 4 cores or 24 cores, 2 drives or 40, 8GB RAM or 256GB then we are able to provide it to you at competitive pricing!

Then please contact us with your requirements at: sales@walkerservers.com